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The globalized economy and labor market, to which today’ s students will be exposed, alter the educational targets that need to be met, as long as the education system fulfilling those needs focuses on connecting education directly with the labor market.
In an increasingly threatening labor market challenged by the phenomenon of technological unemployment, that is, unemployment resulting from the replacement of human resources by machines, it is necessary to look at every student today as a primary content generator; a role that, for now at least, cannot be assumed by any machine.

Each student’s distinctive way of learning and neurological structure and the utilization of this individual profile through special training on skills 2020, along with every relevant transferable skill, constitutes the new educational blueprint that should be embedded in every education system.

Teachers play and will continue to play a special role in this endeavor. They are the maestros in an orchestra that aims to bridge the education system with the global social and financial web. Today’s teachers not only have to be specialized in terms of the cognitive load, which they have to transfer effectively but they also ought to specialize in Taxonomy, which will propel students’ autonomy and will transform their acquired knowledge into a primary production content tool.

It is clear that the average teacher’s role today does not suffice nor allow them to accomplish such a thing for their students. All teachers should:
• Be trained and develop into differentiated instructors.
• Use new technology’s potential to its full extent, so as to completely remove from the classroom the first two levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy (knowledge and comprehension).
• Fully comprehend the difference between the learning aim and the objectives towards approaching this aim.
• Familiarize themselves with learning neurology and learning preferences and accept that all students, regardless of their particularities or difficulties in learning, can find their way towards achieving the learning aim in full.

This is exactly what αriston-trained teachers ensure at the αriston academy. The academy invites all teachers, regardless field of learning, to integrate in its philosophy and become the first class of future teachers in Greece and abroad. The academy begins its lifelong work this June. For more information visit

by Yannis Stergis, President & CEO, hyphen SA


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