Textbooks for digital natives

Redesigning and revamping educational books for the markets of Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Poland and Mexico, in close collaboration with the largest publishing houses and universities in the world, we are transforming the layout and composition of traditional lessons and coursebooks. Our source of inspiration for the fresh design is new media, including, amongst other things, websites, smartphones, tablets and many popular apps.

In recent times, learners have become familiar with the digital world from a very young age, using applications and visiting websites – either on their own or with supervision from their family. Touch screens, web links and interactive elements on an interface are part of their daily life much more than landlines, newspapers and encyclopaedias, all of which have become obsolete from the classroom and home.

Young learners as digital natives have been born in the digital age and are expecting their books to correspond to current technology. Illustrations and photos that include tapes, CDs and large computers belong to the past. Even texts that accompany such objects have to be updated in line with the digital era.

The new generation of learners has developed expectations for modern and up-to-date content in education, relevant to recent times and new media. At hyphen SA, we make a point of addressing and exceeding the expectations of learners by stimulating their imaginations and quenching their thirst for knowledge. Follow us on this journey!

by George Theodoropoulos, Production Editor, hyphen SA


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