the αriston academy: the best preparation for the new year…

…not for students, but for their teachers! After the very successful launch event at the end of last month, the αriston academy successfully continues its classes in order to offer teachers of public and private education the best and most effective tools for another thriving school year.

The first session of Europe’s unique teachers’ academy took place, with its trainees already confidently declaring that their participation in the academy’s seminars helps them to better organize and improve their lessons and make them more popular and effective.

Trainees are given access to the αriston project’s e-learning platform, a personal students’ Knowledge Management System platform, a free Office 365 account, participation in social and professional networking events and training on teaching methodology, content and professional development.

Throughout the programme’s duration, teachers are continually supported with lesson plans, communication and teaching profile tests. Classes can be attended on line, and there is no time limitation on participation applications.


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