the αriston academy from the αriston project

The αriston academy, the only teachers’ academy in Europe, created by the αriston project is being launched this June.

The αriston project is an educational know-how institution based in the United Kingdom and it’s also a partner of northern Greece based hyphen SA.

The αriston academy aims at both private and public education teachers, providing them with the appropriate tools in order to significantly improve the way in which they convey knowledge to their students.

There are multidimensional benefits for teachers as not only will their method and means of teaching be upgraded but at the same time the popularity of their classes will skyrocket, contributing to their students’ progress.

By attending the αriston academy, teachers familiarize themselves with their work environment, identify and make the most of job opportunities, benefit from academic networking, and improve their income. Trainees are also given the opportunity to comprehend and get acquainted with the most sophisticated, innovative, and state-of-the-art tools in addition to the newest teaching methods and techniques.

Among the advantages of participating in the αriston academy is a five-month programme in the Differentiated Instruction Course of the αriston project, which includes five flipped-classroom sessions and participation in the certification process. Trainees are also given access to the αriston project e-learning platform, to social and professional networking events, and to training in teaching methodology, content and professional development.


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